A man’s guide to buying flowers!

mans guide to buy flowers

 A flower is a thousand expressions put together in a bunch! Giving the right flower to the right person at the right time makes love go profoundly.

When it comes to men, there is always a difficulty in finding the right flowers. Men have had considerable blunders in presenting flowers to their loved ones. Hence it is essential to have a guide where you can learn, select and pick up the best flowers for your loved ones. Here is a little expression for men on how to get into buying flowers & pick from the best flowers!

  1. Personalized bouquets

Having a personal touch to the bunch of flowers when gifting it to your loved ones goes a long way! There are bouquet sellers who pick the right flowers and help you design with a personal touch so that your gesture is always a private message! These bouquets have the blend of right colours, collective of unusual flowers; have the right feel and also an added message so that the holder feels special. They fit perfectly in proposals, expressing love and mastering telling feelings. You can even get good discounts with the florists on http://www.dealvoucherz.co.uk/.

guide to buy flowers

  1. Selecting the right flowers

If your loved ones have a special inclination towards some flowers you should pick their choice perfectly. So be it the peonies, orchids, roses or some lilies – if you do not have an idea about it, there are florists who help you get the right pick without mistake. These florists help you pick up the flowers you don’t know of without having to fret about it. They bet that this time you wouldn’t land up with the wrong flowers!

  1. Getting flowers in wholesale

Throwing a party or just creating a special moment – you do not have to pick individual flowers at high prices when you can get the whole set-up at affordable prices. Florists have wholesale prices for some collection of flowers which can be used to get decoration of small spaces done beautifully. Get dozens and dozens of flowers that are selected to put up in the right way, so that decipher beauty.

  1. Flowers are about the receiver!

Men fret about the life of the flowers they give, the subtlety of the colours or sometimes even the size of it. But what needs to be considered the most while giving flowers to other people is how would they love to receive the flowers. So, if someone likes white flowers in big bunches – it should be white flowers in big bunches rather than a small bunch of pink lilies because they would last longer. The ideal pick is after thinking of the other person’s feeling on receiving the flowers.

tips to buy flowers

  1. Remember the flowers

You don’t have to remember the names of all the flowers that exist. Just remember the most important flowers used in gifting today or the ones who are most adored by the loved ones. Here are some for you:

Sunflower: Derives the name from the sun and has somewhat the same look too. It brings in brighter and light feel. It’s cool and also very comforting to receive. Large sunflowers look beautiful!

Orchids: There is something elegant and subtle about expressing feelings with orchids. They have a mild smell, a dewy touch and last almost a week. This uniqueness is a happy feeling!

Lillies: Lillies are elegant, beautiful and impeccably summery to give a lovely feel to your loved ones. They have a yellow inner colour that gives it a beautiful look.

Roses: An expression of love – rose have a beautiful craft to it that gives it a unique feel. Every colour of rose has a unique feel to it – select the one you want to express!


  1. Buy flowers at a time!

At times you try to get the best – think and think – and end up with just the regular flowers! You won’t be able to give the right flowers to anyone if you are not in the habit of proper selection. Start spending a few minutes with the florists and learn about your picked flowers so that you can choose them appropriately. This will give you even more confidence when you select later.