A Quick Guide to Baby Wedge Pillows

There are many products on the market for babies that can help them get a more comfortable sleep and it can be quite confusing of what to choose from.

One of these products are a baby wedge pillow and in this short post we will describe how it works and whether it will suit your child.

As will all pillows, these are for babies over one years old as it is advised by the NHS that any child should not have a pillow or duvet until over that age. Children of that age should not have any loose bedding as it could cause them to get tangled up and suffocate them.

A baby wedge pillow is said to have several benefits when used at the right age.

These pillows are designed to fit tightly in the cot so they do not move around and they fix the baby in one .

The way that they work is that the pillow elevates the babies back and keeps the head above the stomach. This can help if your child suffers with Reflux. Reflux is quite common and it is when person regurgitates food due to stomach acid rising up into the mouth causing this reaction.

These pillows are available for adults also. You will be able to find them online or in you nearest department store in the home bedding section.

If you are doubt, please consult you local GP for advice and help.